• Winston Janusz

Your Inheritance

More than 10,000 years ago, your ancestors fought to survive. They braved the harshest conditions. They wandered from place to place, hunting and gathering. They lived under the threat of being eaten by wild animals. They had no modern medicines. Yet they fought to survive. It is because they survived, you are here today.

Countless generations passed, hundreds of years, thousands of years. People worked to improve their lives one small step at a time. They learned how to grow food, how to make fire, how to brew beer and wine, how to build things. They learned to travel across the oceans, they learned to navigate using the stars. Each generation fought to survive, to evolve, and now here you are.

You have inherited the work of thousands of generations, people who have worked to advance every field from agriculture to transportation to art. You are part of this. Here you sit at the head of all of this, with GPS, satellites, iPhones and computers, modern medicine and limitless access to wisdom and knowledge. This is your inheritance. The world brought you into being to be the recipient of all this. What are you going to do with it?

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