• Winston Janusz

You are What You Seek

For a long time I have been seeking a church where I truly feel like I belong. I've been seeking friends that share the same interests, values, and passions that I have. This has been a struggle. It either feels like I don't fit in with the other people at the church, I don't agree with their theology, or I just don't like the way they do things. I want to see church done in a whole new way. With people, I often make the assumption that they don't want to talk about the same things that I want to talk about.

Yet what I'm slowly finding out is that I have the opportunity to create what I'm looking for and that it is in me. This is always how it happens throughout history. People have a vision and then they go out and create it. They had it in them to create something that didn't exist. So of course they had to bring it into being. Before there were cars, computers, or iPhones people didn't even know that they wanted or needed them until they came into existence. Now people consider them indispensable to daily life.

I'm also realizing that there are probably a lot of people out there who want to talk about theology, philosophy, psychology, and life in a deeper way. But they probably make the same assumptions that I do: How do I starting talking about this? Nobody wants to talk about this. You are not supposed to talk about religion or politics. I will probably offend someone. I might say something they strongly disagree with...etc etc.

Yet as I go ahead and take the risk to talk about these things anyway...as I'm partly forced to, since I get asked "what do you do?" and I say I'm a pastor, I'm finding that I can be the invitation that some others need to have these kinds of deeper conversations. On more than one occasion I have been told by others that before I arrived they were just talking about "stupid stuff" and they appreciated that I brought a deeper dimension to the conversation.

Likewise, go out and be the invitation to others to talk about what you love and are interested in. Share with people what you love because that is who you are. People are attracted to people who are passionate, alive, and full of vitality. The only way to be that way is to be yourself and talk about what you love. As we do that we also discover common ground that we wouldn't always expect. We are interconnected. For example, a conversation about sports could connect with topics around human nature, conflict, perseverance, dedication, etc. Talking about popular media can lead to discussions around art, philosophy, narrative, psychology and what it means to be human, etc. We are all in this human condition together. Express your fullest self and interests. If you do, you will invite and inspire others to do so as well.

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