• Winston Janusz

An Intelligent Universe

Today so many of us assume that we live in a blind and unintelligent universe. What’s odd is that this blind and unintelligent universe has produced human beings and through them, books, computers, art and everything that we identify as intelligent. What’s interesting is that we try and stand apart from the universe and call it blind and unintelligent - as though we are something separate from the universe and separate from nature! We forget that we ourselves are an expression of nature; no different than trees, rocks, or stars. Given that we are fundamentally one with nature it becomes clear that nature itself is producing books and iPods and the internet. The universe is intelligent because we are intelligent. We are one and the same process as all of nature.

Not only are we human beings intelligent, but I think it is clear that there is much more intelligence at work than that which results from the human mind. There is so much we don’t yet understand, especially our own minds. Nature can be chaotic, yes, but it also displays incredible harmony, intricacy, and intelligence. As Jack Kornfield has said “You know…there’s something bigger going on than just Christmas shopping, folks.”

I say this just to remind you that it might not be so irrational to believe in some sort of greater intelligence at work in the universe. Some people call that intelligence God, others call it the Tao or give it some other name. We are too quick to think that because we don’t understand things the universe must be blind and dumb. But we should adopt a stance of humility and respect for this universe that we are a part of. When we admit to ourselves that she is much bigger and more intelligent than we are, it can become easier to relate to life with a sense of trust.

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